Does Lifestyle Change Really Work?

For years and years we have been told to eat right and exercise if we want to live long and live healthy. Most Americans hear the lectures but refuse to follow and as a consequence many die early. The causes of death range from heart attacks, to cancer, to liver failure.

So does lifestyle change really matter to the length and quality of life? The answer is a resounding yes. Recent medical studies now making the news bear out that changes to lifestyle really work. But, like those lectures we’ve heard time and time again you have to follow through and remain faithful to the changes.

Even short-term change has been proven to have dramatic effects (up to 29% lower in bad cholesterol) in the first three months.

What sort of lifestyle changes makes the most difference? Studies indicate that a diet of fresh fruits, vegetables, low refined sugar content will make the biggest change in health. Breathing exercise and stress management training are also excellent ways to live longer and healthier lives. Add daily aerobic exercise and you have the scientific formula for a better, longer life.

Research today measures telomerase levels, which are DNA-protein complexes at the end of the end of chromosomes that have the most to do with how our cells age. Lifestyle changes cause these telomerase levels to length and slow down the aging of cells.

There is no pill available that can lengthen life and cure all our illnesses. But, there are ways we can choose to live longer and healthier by making lifestyle changes.

One of the key changes we can adapt that will do the most good is stress management. Laugh more and worry less is important to how long and how well you live. Reading the comics and laughing out loud is a great stress reliever.

Great food and great drink added to a life as a couch potato are recipes for a short life. Scientists are working and studying everyday and their conclusions echo back to “eat right, exercise and don’t stress.”